Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Is My Dog Overweight?

Signs That Your Dog is Overweight

Often, people do not realize that their four-legged family member is putting on the pounds because many pet owners do not know what the signs of obesity in pets are. Obesity is common in all dogs of all ages, however it is most common in dogs that are middle-aged. A study showed that 52.7% of dogs in America are overweight or/and obese. Here are a few signs that your pet could be overweight, what the main causes of obesity in dogs is, and a few tricks to getting your dog (and as a bonus yourself) in good and healthy shape. 

Signs Your Pet is Overweight:

Main Causes of Obesity and Overweight Dogs:
  1. Constant access to people food 
  2. Being given treats often
  3. Lack of exercise 
  4. Being feed more than the suggested amount that is recommended
  5. Imbalance between energy intake and energy use
  6. High calorie foods

Getting Your Dog Into Shape:

  1. Measure your dog's food
  2. Cut out Snacks and stop given your dog table scraps
  3. Create a walking schedule (start off walking every other day as to not cause problems to your dogs joints, then progress to more and more as you see progress)
  4. Know what you are feeding your dog by reading the ingredients that are in your dog's food
  5. Play time with either you and the family or other four-legged friends (better yet, BOTH!)

As irresistible as those puppy eye may be, remember that those daily table scraps and treats are doing more harm to your dog's health then they are benefitting them. Keep your dog healthy and go out and enjoy the outdoors!

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