Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Taking Control

The Best Leashes, Collars and Tools For Your Dog!

        This is a very controversial and saturated subject because of the COUNTLESS options on the market, and of course, everyone has an opinion on which they believe will work the best. Due to this, it can be very difficult, and quite confusing, for someone to choose which dog tools and/or accessories will work best for you dog. Our goal as you read further, is to shed a bit of light on the subject, guiding our readers to choices that we KNOW, through personal AND profession experience, WORK!
  1. At the very top of our list is the MARTINGALE COLLAR. As Shown in the image to the right, this collar is made mostly of nylon with a portion of it being chain. THIS IS NOT A CHOKE CHAIN!!! This collar works by using a pressure and release system. When used correctly, this collar allows the owner to take control of the dog in ways that are not physically possible when using any other collar. It prevents the dog from being able to slip or back out of the collar (something that happens often with almost every other type of collar) and it allows you to effectively communicate what you would like your dog to do by using the collar.
  2. Next up is the SIX FOOT LEASH. This tool is the perfect length when walking your dog on leash.  The 6 ft in length provides the perfect amount of space between you and your dog, giving you control while still allowing your dog a bit of space to choose a side, smell or walk happily beside you. NOTE: be sure to check that the PSI of the clasp is strong enough for your dog. 
  3. The Andis Pet Steel Grooming Comb is AMAZING for removing burrs, sticks or leaves you name it! It helps to keep the burr in tact upon removal (rather than the messy explosion that happens with most brushes or your fingers). Any metal comb will work though! TIP: When removing burrs without a brush or comb, pull the hair out of the burr rather than the burr out of the fur. This will make it less irritating for the dog and you have a better chance of pulling it out whole!
  4. After a good run in the fields, dirt, dust, mudd, smelly water etc. SOOS dead sea spa products are AWESOME. We LOVE the Waterless Cat Bath Mousse (not just for cats!) because it smells awesome AND it helps get rid of any unpleasant odors your dog may bring home with them after a walk!
  5. Lastly, the LED GLOW COLLAR. For anyone that likes to walk or take their dog out at night, these are fantastic! It allows you (and others) to be able to easily spot your dog, which can be a HUGE life saver if your dog likes to play hide and go seek! NOTE: this collar should be something that accompanies the martingale collar at night, it should not be use instead of or as a replacement to it. 
         All of these products are ones that we at Completek9 swear by because they really do work. Not only do we use these product on client dogs, but we use them on our own dogs as well. Be sure to check them out! Stay tuned for next weeks post focusing on which products NOT to use.

Tail Wags from the CompleteK9 team!

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