Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Frosty Entertainment

10 Indoor Games and Activities For Cold Winter Days 

         Hello all, this week because of the already decreasing temperatures and the appearance of snow...I figured I'd create a list of games, toys and overall distractions that you can make or give to your dog as something to do when the weather is dreadfully (and dangerously) cold. Every year there are a few days during the Winter season where it is just too cold to spend a significant amount of time outside. Its dangerous for you and its dangerous for your four-legged best friend. Short outings will not tire out your dog, so here is a list of things to do to get your dog's brain working and tire them out mentally. Enjoy and have fun!

  1. Firstly, we at CompleteK9 LOVE to play Hide-And-Go-Seek with our dogs because it allows you to interact with your dog (which you will both love) while still stimulating your dog's brain and getting them to a mentally exhausted state. Here's how you play: get your dog into a sit or lay down possition and get them to stay, then quickly run and hide somewhere in another room and call them once maybe twice. Now wait for them to find you and watch as they do, its unbelievably entertaining for all involved! NOTE: include your two-legged AND four-legged children and get both to try to find you! This game is Brooks the German Short Haired Pointer, tested and approved!
  2. An awesome patience and mentally stimulating game to play with your dog inside is Double Toy Retrieving. For this game you take two of your dog's favourtie toys and place them (or gently throw them) apart from one another or in separate rooms. While you are placing or throwing the toys you make sure your dog is sitting patiently and waiting for you to give the command for them to retrieve! Once the command is given, you let your dog locate both toys and bring them back to you! This game is Scout the German Short Haired Pointer, tested and approved!
  3. Another fun way to keep your dog entertained and stimulated is to create an interactive puzzle game for your dog! One example of this is to get a muffin tin pan (or a container with different compartments) and put your dog's favourite snack in a few random tins, then take dog safe balls (avoid tennis balls because they are like allowing your dog to chew on sand paper and will grind down your dog's teeth) and place them into each tin or compartment. Finally, let your dog go nuts and try to find the snack by removing the balls! NOTE: you can change the size of the tin and the size of the balls to challenge your dog and change it up for them! This game is Georgia the Yellow Lab, tested and approved!
  4. Too cold to go outside for a long walk? No problem! Take your dog shopping with you! This is an awesome way to stimulate your dog mentally while exposing them to new environments. Here is a few stores that we know you can bring your dog into: Storage Solutions, almost any bank, Home Depot, Home Sense, Marshals, Adventure Guide, all pet stores, some sporting goods stores, Hobby Lobby, Sephora, Bath and Body Works, Hallmark, Macys, Pottery Barn, Bass Pro Shop, Lush Cosmetics, The Gap, Foot Locker, Old Navy, The Apple Store, some craft breweries AND some malls! Let us know if you know of any other places that allow dogs! NOTE: not all of these store will let your dog in everywhere, each store has a different policy. We always suggest asking, the worst they can say is no! This activity is Hershey the Yorkshire Terrier, tested and approved!
  5. Indoor Puppy Play Dates are awesome for socializing and stimulating your dog! Your dog gets to interact with a fellow doggy best friend and you get to socialize with the owner! Its a win-win situation and its sure to tire out both dogs! This activity is Moose the German Shepherd, tested and approved!
  6. A super fun and delicious way to keep your dog entertained and occupied is to create an Edible Kong! You can do this by removing the core from an apple (making sure you remove the seeds because they are not safe for your dog to eat) then add...well anything you want inside! We suggest natural unsweetened peanut butter, bits of carrot, spinach, pureed pure pumpkin or a fun combination of all! The fun part of this is that once your dog has gotten all the goodness...MORE GOODNESS REMAINS, meaning your dog can EAT the apple! This delicious activity is Mijah the Golden Retriever, tested and approved!
  7.  Raw Bones are a great way to keep your dog entertained AND clean their teeth at the same time. Raw (never smoked or cooked) bones are great for your dog because they often have left over meat on the bones that the dog can rip and tear into. This action is great because it acts as a form of floss for your dog's gums! NOTE: we suggest using raw knuckle bones because they are softer for your dog to chew on. This activity is Oakley the Hound Shepherd, tested and approved!
  8. Hidden Toy Hide-And-Go-Seek is yet another great option for entertaining and stimulating your dog inside. This game is played by taking your dog's favourite toy and wrapping it up in an old blanket or towel. You then let your dog try to uncover their toy! Super fun and adorable to watch! This game is Domino the Toy Poodle, tested and approved!
  9. Chase is such a simple yet fun game for you and your dog to play together. Its simple, you run away and let your dog chase you, or you start chasing your dog around the house! NOTE: you can turn this into a hybrid form of hide-and-go-seek by ducking behind a couch or counter during chase so that your dog has to come find you. Once they find you, the chase continues! This game is Mason the Rottweiler, tested and approved!
  10. Lastly, GET ON THE GROUND AND PLAY WITH YOUR DOG!!! This form of playing is soooooo simple that many people often forget about it. Playing with your dog does not absolutely have to have a toy or snack, just get on the ground and wrestle with your dog, fake them out, throw them between your legs, push them around a bit! The possibilities are endless and your dog will not only love it, they will listen to you better for it! This activity is tested and approved by the entire Completek9 four-legged team! 
        Remember that your dog still needs to get outside and have physical exercise, these games and activities are not an every day replacement for a good old walk or hike! However, on those -40 days when it is just too cold to be outside, they are a stimulating and fun substitution.

Tail wags from the CompleteK9 team!

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