Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Very Merry Christmas For All

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe and Happy This Christmas

Holy moly it's that time of year again, Christmas holidays are just around the corner and we know you wont forget about your favourite four legged family member! So, with this in mind, we decided to compile a go-to list of  holiday Dos and Don'ts including; a few of safety tips, ideas for activities the entire family can participate in and LOVE, things to stay away from, and suggested gifts!

First things first, we have to cover our safety tips so that you, your dog and the entire family can make the most of this holiday season.
  1. Keep the turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef, fish or whatever else you enjoy for Christmas dinner, AWAY from your dog. Cooked bones of any kind are not good for your dog and should NEVER be given to them! If you'd like to get a holiday treat for your dog choose a raw bone (knuckle bones are the best choice, I know the CompleteK9 dogs LOVE them).
  2. Make sure to keep all holiday decoration in places that you know your dog will not be able to reach them (especially if your dog is a chewer)! Many tree ornaments are brightly coloured with some even making noise! This can be very confusing because many resemble dog balls and toys. FACT: one of the most common reasons for visiting the vet over the holidays, is for dogs that have inhaled tinsel.   
  3. When opening presents make sure that your dog does not get into any ribbon or bows. These beautiful gift decoration can quickly turn into a nightmare for your dogs insides. 
  4. Many dogs get nervous during large gathers and this could result in your dog being let out the front door by accident, ingesting something that it shouldn't or it could even result in someone getting bitten by a scared and stressed dog. LEAVE your dog away or at home during large parties. They do not need to be involved during new years parties or other such events. Keep your dog stress free and happy.
Well, now that we've covered a few quick safety tips, on to the fun activities!
  1. One activity that Oakley the hound/shepherd likes to be a part of is tobogganing! I mean really, who doesn't love it! People of all ages can enjoy it and your dog will love running and playing in the snow with you!
  2. I know EVERY dog will appreciate this next one. Get the family bundled up, go out with some hot cocoa and take your dog for a walk! Take this opportunity to look at the beautiful light displays people have put up for the holidays. I know every neighborhood has that one house that is completely decked out...or is that your house?
  3. Snow is soooo much fun to play with your dog in. Again, get bundled up and go play in the snow with your dog! Build a snow man or have a snowball fight WITH your dog! Your dog will love chasing the snowballs or even just hanging out and watching you build!
  4. If your dog got spoiled with some delicious snacks why not play a round of hide-and-go-seek! Have your dog sit in the next room and wait while you go and hide a few of his Christmas treats, then let him in and watch him sniff out his spoils!
Not sure what to get your dog (or a friends) and are in need of last minute gift idea? No problem here's a few!
  1. A Kong is an awesome gift because it can be reused, its difficult to destroy, and its a yummy snack and toy for any dog!
  2. There are lots of adorable, dapper, beautiful and handsome scarves for dogs out there! Make your dog the best dressed one on the block with a lovely scarf either store bought or hand made!
  3. Low on funds? Why not make a tug toy out of some old T-shirts or other clothing you have lying around. This provides lots of group fun and is super easy to make. Just cut old clothing into equal or almost equal strips, tie a sturdy knot in one end, braid, then tie the knot once more and you are done! 
  4. As mentioned above, if you want to get your dog a bone, make sure that it is raw not smoked. boiled or cooked in any way. Knuckle bones are awesome because they aren't too hard on your dog's teeth.
  5. Treat your dog to a toy destroying extravaganza! If your dog isn't usually not allowed a certain kind of toy because they destroy them too quickly, why not treat them to some well deserved Christmas fun! I know Mason the Rottweiler LOVES Christmas because he gets a big plush and squeaker filled toy to destroy! And boy does he love all 20 minutes of it! NOTE: make sure that this activity is monitored as you do not want your dog to ingest anything. Pulling it apart is fine as long as that is all they are doing. 

Overall, enjoy this holiday season and stay safe! Include your dog in fun family activities and get outside and enjoy the snow!

Happy tail wagging holidays to everyone,

Love the Completek9 team!

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