Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Heating Up

Heating Up

The summers are hot and with these high temperatures come the risk for heat exhaustion and heatstroke; just like humans dogs are also at risk.  This is something that can be quite serious for your dog, resulting in comas, organ failure and even death. Here are some tips for keeping your dog safe by preventing this from happening, for recognizing the sign of heatstroke, and what to do if your dog shows signs of heatstroke.

Signs of Heatstroke:
·      Muscle tremors
·      Dizziness
·      Vomiting
·      Fatigue
·      Heavy and uncontrollable or abnormal panting
·      Excessive drooling
·      Dehydration
·      Diarrhea
·      Irregular heart beats
·      Wobbly or off-balance
·      Unconsciousness where the dog is not easily woke up
What to do if your dog is showing signs of Heatstroke:
·      Take them out of the heat and into a cool place
·      Put water on their head rather than giving it to them to consume (while consuming too much water, too quickly they can also take in an excess of air which can cause bloat)4
·        ·   Cool your dog down slowy and not with freezing cold water. If you make your dog too cold too fast you will shock their system and induce shivering (which is the act of trying to make the body warmer)
·      Contact your vet provider and take your dog in to be checked out and treated if necessary


·      Excessive sun, heat and humidity either due to a hot day or being stuck in an area with limited air flow such as a car.
·      Excessive exercise
·      Lack of access to water

·      Give your dog room temperature water and poor water directly onto their head and/or on their under arms. This will help to keep them cool.
·      Having access to water is very important
·      Keep your dog in the shade or reduce the time spent in the sun
·      Exercise your dog early in the morning or as the sun is setting to avoid the heat
·      NEVER leave your dog in a parked vehicle on a hot day and/or humid day

  Before starting your walk, check the temperature of the ground you will be walking with the back of you hand. If it is too hot for you to leave your hand there for 10 seconds, then it is TOO HOT to be walking your dog. This is especially important for asphalt, sidewalks and even decks!
Remember to stay cool out there and enjoy the summer weather!

Tail Wags, 

The Complete K9 Team

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