Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Dog Walker Problems

Dog Walker Problems… 

  1. When you are walking multiple dogs at once and the leashes get tangled and twisted together into these inescapable knots.
  2. Or when you are walking multiple dogs at once and they all wrap themselves around your legs, trapping you all together in a web of leashes!
  3. When the dogs are off leash and rather than play in the abundance of space they play right by your feet, constantly bumping and knocking into you.
  4. When it’s a beautiful seemingly dry day but the longhaired light coloured dogs all some how manage to get covered head-to-toe in mud.
  5. When you have a specific wardrobe dedicated to walking dogs.
  6. When it’s a torrential down pour but you are still out walking the dogs (well hello there deserted trailsJ).
  7. When your vehicle has SOOOOOO much hair that you could literally create a dog-hair wig.
  9. When your car windows are ever so nicely and constantly decorated with “nose art”.
  10. When it is soooo hot that you go swimming in the pond/lake/river/creek with the dogs.
  11. When you have the most awkward shoe, sock, shirt, face tan lines because you always wear the same dog walking clothes.
  12. When you have a dog first aid kit but not a human one. #priorities
  13. When you are walking multiple dogs at once and everyone stares at you on the trail, some even pointing.  
  14. When you’ve got any number of dogs over two…Passerby: “looks like you’ve got you’re hands full” #I'vegotthis 
  15. When you come home after work and not only smell like a dog but are also completely covered in mud, leaves/twigs, water, bug bites, bug spray and whatever else you can imagine. 
  16. When a woodland creatures dies and the dogs find it and either roll in it, eat it, or bring it to you...WORST. SMELL. EVER.
  17. Better yet, when you have to pry the dead thing out of the dog's mouth so that they do not ingest it, with your to love Spring. 
  18. Driving all the way to a dogs house to pick up the dog then realizing that you do not have the key to their house with you. 
  19. When a woodland creature decides to choose the very moment you and your pack are walking by to emerge, creating the biggest game of capture the dog…sigh
  20.  When you have a dog on leash walking nicely and suddenly something captures their undivided attention…its okay, I didn’t need my arm to function anyway.
  21. Trying every possible type of air freshener for your car but nothing seems to ever get rid of the smell of dog...And when you cannot even smell anything out of the ordinary until people point it out.

  22. When no one wants to take your car to outings because of the smell/the unlimited supply of dog hair.
  23. When you cannot remember people's names but remember a dogs name instantly and never forget it.
  24. When you are out in public and every bag, pocket or purse has dog-poop bags in it.
  25. When you spend so much time with dogs that you are unable to formulate a proper sentence when speaking with humans…#DogBrain
  26. When you can’t help but talk about dogs 24-7
  27. When you realize your water bottle and/or food is covered in dog hair but you pick what you can see off and eat it anyway because you are hungry...Or, when you share the same water bottle with the dogs. 
  28. Wearing nice shorts, skirts or a dress out in the real world and your legs are covered in bruises, scratches and scabs...all in a days work
  29. When all of your dogs are on leash, perfectly controlled and walking nicely…that’s right, I’m kind of a dog whisperer…#likeaboss
  30. When people are always so shocked and intrigued that dog walking is a profitable job and/or career path.
  31. When you love you’re job and could not imagine doing anything else regardless of these problems because you get to play with dogs and be outdoors all day long while getting paid #DogsRUs 

CompleteK9 Team:)

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