Thursday, 27 August 2015

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Car Safety For Your Dog

            Most dogs love to join their family for car rides and trips, which is great! Dog owners should bring their four legged friends with them whenever they can. With this being said it is important that people know the dos and don’ts of car safety for your pet. Below are some tips and tricks for keeping your dog safe while on the road.

Keeping the dog in the backseat:
           Keeping your dog in the back during car rides is important not only for your dog, but also for your own safety. Dogs can get spooked or make sudden movements that distract the driver and could put you both at risk of a collision with other vehicles on the road. By restricting your dog to the back you are making sure that you can remain focused on getting safely to your destination. It is also important that you do not drive with your dog on your lap as this can be extremely disappointing and if pulled over you can get a ticket, which makes no one happy!
  • ·      Tip: if you are having trouble keeping your dog in the back a great solution is some sort of barrier, we find that baby gates are cheap and a great means for keeping your K9 contained to the back of the vehicle. Or, most pet stores sell dog barriers such as the one seen below.

Window awareness:
            Many people put down the windows for their dog so that they can enjoy the outside while driving. Although this may make your dog happy, it can be very dangerous for them. Due to animals sometimes being unpredictable, if the window is down too far and your dog sees something it wants, it may jump out (even while you are in motion). Also, think of all the bugs that hit your window and slat on to your windshield from the speed and impact. Well, this is what happens when your dog’s head is out the window. Not only can bugs hit your dog, but also rocks, glass, sticks and anything else that decides to fly into the air can hit them.
  • ·      Tip: if you feel like you must let your dog put their head out the window then make sure that it is only in areas where the speed limit is no more than 50-60km/hr.
  • ·      Tip: there is also a product that can be purchased for your pet that allows them to have their head out the window without you having to worry about most of the dangers that come with it. That product is Doggles (See video below for an example of Doggles)!

          Your dog loves to travel with you, just remember to keep both you and your four-legged family member safe out on the open road!
Happy Travels!!!!

Tail Wags, 

The CompleteK9 Teams!

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