Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Tales From The Trails

Anyone who works with animals can tell you that it is almost never a dull moment, especially for the members of the CompleteK9 team. Animals are unpredictable and boy does each have their own distinct personality! This makes walking packs of dogs rewarding, at times challenging, and unbelievably hilarious. Here are a few of out #Talesfromthetrails we thought that it would be fun to share our stories and adventures with everyone, Enjoy!

A Few #Talesfromthetrails:

"It was a scorching hot summer and both myself and the dogs decided to go for a swim in river to cool off, of course, I managed to drop my phone into the water protection what so ever! After 15 minutes of searching the dogs and I finally found it...low and behold it even worked still! Talk about luck." -Heidi

"It was one of my first times after my training was complete that I was alone on a trail with the dogs. It was raining terribly and I managed to get lost on the trail. While I was trying to figure out which direction the vehicle was (which I am sure the dogs already new the way) the dogs began swimming in the HUGE puddles of pure mud! Finally, we found our way out, wet, muddy, but with big smiles on our faces!" -Jackiy

"The day after a big rain I was walking on a trail with the dogs having a blast playing and splashing through the puddles. Well one big delightful looking puddle got the best of me when I went to splash into it, my rubber boot got stuck and down I went...face first into the puddle!" -Mary

"After a lovely walk on one of the trails I was just getting back to the vehicle, preparing to load the dogs into the Jeep when I realized my keys were no longer in my pocket! I looked at my phone to call for assistance, only to realize that I only had 1% battery left (of course). I quickly sent and SOS text with the trail location to Heidi who luckily assumed I needed help. The two of us searched the woods for my keys. We came across a man walking and he told us where he saw a pair of keys. We rushed off, but the keys were no longer there! We kept searching and came across someone else who also saw my keys! Finally we found them sitting on the bench at the beginning of the trail. Some kind person had brought the keys to the opening of the trail! Such a relief!" -Kelli

WHAT IS your mouth!?!?
One of the most common phrases us dog walkers find ourselves saying is just that "what is that in your mouth???" The number of things that dogs have either brought to us, played keep away with, or ran from us with could be a book in itself, heres a few of the most memorable:

  1. Tim Hortons Coffee Cup
  2. Deer Leg
  3. Animal Bones
  4. Lost and Found Dog Toys
  5. Mittens 
  6. Dead Frozen Squirrels or "squirrelsicles" 
  7. Entire Trees
  8. Sticks of Numerous Shapes and Sizes
  9. Leashes
  10. Hat

Some Times, Things Get A Little Messy...
No matter how hard we may some times try to keep both ourselves and the dogs clean, one thing is for is a WASTE of time! Here are a few of our VERY dirty dogs! (its almost always the light coloured dogs).

I hope you enjoyed a few of our many #Talesfromthetrails!
Tail Wags from the CompleteK9 team!

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