Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Winter Safety For Your Dog

Keeping Your Dog in Tip-Top Shape This Winter

        Today's post focuses on how to keep your dog winter ready with tips and tricks on how to keep them warm, how to keep their paws safe, 

  1. Go by the idea that if you are cold, so is your dog! Coats for dogs that have short fur can help keep them warm and frostbite free. 
  2. The salt that keeps us from slipping on ice is TERRIBLE for your dog's paws. Salt can cause cuts, irritation, and infection. Try winter booties when walking your dog on sidewalks and use sand rather than ice when getting side of slippery spots on your property.
  3. Watch for the signs! If your dog is constantly biting at its paws it could mean that your dog is too cold. Another sign is if your dog's skin is turning red.
  4. Make sure that any antifreeze is kept in a safe and secure location far from the reach of your dog. To them, anti-freeze taste very sweet and they love it. Just like for us, it is very poisonous for dogs. 
  5. Grooming in the winter is actually very important, it helps get ride of your dog's lighter coat. Their winter coat cannot grow if their old coat is still moulting, brushing your dog helps speed this process along. 

        Do not be afraid to take your dog out in the snow because most dogs LOVE playing with you out all the fun fluffy snow, just make sure that they are safe and warm when doing it!

Tails Wags from the CompleteK9 Team!

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