Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Dog Walker Problems Round 2!

       Anyone who works with dogs knows just how we feel...#dogwalkerproblems However anyone who knows dogs can relate! So, enjoy phase two!

  1. When a mitten is taken by a is lost forever...RIP mitten. 
  2. Or when you always carry a back up pair of gloves just in case a dog steals the first pair. 
  3. When you walk long haired dogs (AKA doodles) and by the end of a snowy walk, the dog has transformed into a giant snowball!
  4. When the snow hasn't been touched yet and you have to plough your way through it one sweaty and exhausting step at a time...
  5. When everything freezes...including the mud!!!!...FINALLY
  6. When you are trying to eat your lunch with 6 pairs of eyes on you. 
  7. When the burrs should be gone, yet, there is always at least one dog that comes back to your with covered in them.
  8. When all of the trails are half melted making them an icy nightmare that requires skates to navigate.
  9. When you shop based on things that can be worn to work.
  10. Although you try to set aside certain "dog-walker" clothes, everything eventually goes to the dogs.
  11. When the snow melts in the middle of winter and all of the dogs are covered in mud, yet no one has their hoses turned on yet...#muddydogs  
  12. When you wear layers upon layers to prepare for the cold, yet you are sweating out on the trail.
  13. When the snow begins to thaw and the mud is EVERYWHERE!
  14. When some of the dogs have nicer winter wardrobes then you do.
  15. When you give a run-away-dog a buddy to stay close and the leashes trip you as they run by...
  16. When a dog goes to jump in the snow and completely disappears in a pile of deep snow. 
  17. When you throw a ball or a stick for the dogs and it gets lost in the snow. 
  18. When you slip and fall on the ice and all of the dogs run over to lick your face with big wet puppy kisses! #feelingthelove
  19. When you don't mind going out in the cold because you get to spend your day with a pack or two of dogs.
  20. When you love what you do and would not trade this job for any other.
        Although like everything dog walking has its ups and down, I still wouldn't trade my job for anyone elses. We love each dog like they are our own! Go out and enjoy the snow with your favourite four-legged family members, they love it and you will too!

Tails Wags From the CompleteK9 Team

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