Wednesday, 9 March 2016

10 Unbelievable Questions That Dog Walkers Get Asked

     When we tell people what we do for a living it often catches people off guard and next comes all of the...interesting, questions that we get asked. Below is a list of the top ten most interesting and ridiculous questions that walkers for the CompleteK9 team have been asked, Enjoy!

  1. One of the most commonly asked questions is "are all of those dogs yours!?" This one always makes me laugh, because we very rarely have less than 4 dogs in a pack...crazy dog lady? Possibly ;)
  2. One of the more difficult questions is the "which breeds would you recommend?" This is a very difficult question because it really depends on your lifestyle and your choice of training methods. Each breed is a little different, the best thing that a prospective dog owner can do, is do their research and find a breed that will fit into your lifestyle and family best. 
  3. Then there's always the travel question "How did you get them all here??" Well you see, I'm magic and I click my heels together and all of a sudden we've arrived! (or none of us have back seating). 
  4. The bowel reference is always a fun question "how much poop do you pick up a day??" Let's just say, we are very very comfortable with everything that comes out of the body...or that gets put into the body. 
  5. "How do you walk all of those dogs at once?" I cannot say that it is always easy, but after a few minutes everyone gets in the groove and walks well together. It take patience and good control, but with practice it becomes easier and easier (most days)!
  6. The treat question is a common one when people see us practicing our sit stays "did you bribe them with treats?" Absolutely not, we do not use treats when we are out walking the dogs.  Food in a group setting is not wise because food aggression is real!
  7. "Do they all get along?" Like people, not all dogs are going to get along and like one another, its just not possible. We always do our best to make sure the 'disagreements' are kept to a minimum. 
  8. The numbers game "How many dogs do you have with you? or How many dogs do you walk?" On average our pack walks are kept at 6 dogs... and let me just count to make sure everyone is here! #rolecall 
  9. And of course, the dragging question "have you ever been dragged by a dog?" Being dragged is kind of like a dog walker right of passage... YES at some point we have all been dragged into snow, mud or water. The surprising part for everyone is that its never by the group of dogs, its always when you just have one! Note to everyone: When you see someone trying to walk away from the water with a dog that wants to go NOT throw ANYTHING! This is much appreciated. 
  10. "Can you make a career out of this?" You absolutely can! One that not only pays the bills on time, but that is very rewarding. Not many people can say they love their job on a regular basis, but I have the pleasure of saying that I truly love my job. The good days strongly outweigh the difficult days. 
Well, there you have it! The top 10 most frequently asked questions for a dog walker. I hope you enjoyed this week's #woofwednesday!

Tail Wags From the CompleteK9 Team!

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